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The love for improvised music and the idea of leadig own band have accompanied Piotr Budniak since he can remember. The vision born in his youth quickly resulted in his debut on the professional jazz scene - at the age of 15, together with his first band, Piotr Budniak Quintet won second place at one of the most prestigious Polish jazz competitions - Jazz Juniors.
However, the continuation of youthful dreams gained real momentum during his studies at the Academies of Music in Katowice and Krakow, when in 2014, gathering around himself the most characteristic voices of jazz improvisers of his generation, Piotr Budniak Essential Group was founded.
In 2015, the group released their debut album "Simple Stories About Hope And Worries", which was very well received by listeners and critics, which resulted in winning the title of one of the best jazz albums of the year and the band was among the best jazz bands (Jazz Forum, JazzPRESS). The second album "Into the Life" (JazzPRESS), released in 2017, was similarly received, the album was also recognized as the album of the month on several recognized websites writing about music.
In 2018, the group began working with one of the best and most recognized guitarists in Europe - David Doružka, which resulted in two jointly recorded albums: "The Days of Wine and Noises" (2018, Live) and "Heart Mind and Spirit" (2020), the later was recognized by journalists of the Polish radio as one of the best albums of the year just a few days after its premiere!

Pieces of Piotr Budniak Essential Group have been selected as "songs of the day" on many foreign portals about jazz music (including,

Even though the group's assumption was never to take part in competitions, they stood on the podium during the Jazz Juniors and Rck Pro Jazz Festival.

Piotr Budniak Essential Group has performed at such festivals as: Jazz in Ruinach, Jazz Juniors, Polska Jazz, JAZZtrzębie, Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival, Jazz Crossing Festival Canada & Polska, Róże Jazz Festival, zJAZZD Festival and as part of many recognized concert cycles: Jazzstate, Jazz and People, New Masters, New Jazz Scene, Jazz in Dwory, Palaces and ..., Jazz Salon, Jazz Museum, Jazz in Stary Siola, Monte Verde Jazz. In addition to numerous performances in Poland, the band also gave concerts in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine.

Over the years, the group has collaborated with many widely recognized artists: Peter Evans, Piotr Wojtasik and David Doružka.

The band performs the leader's own compositions balancing on the border of modern jazz, film and improvised music, and indie rock.

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